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We offer a total service for porticos so that the client does not have to employ any additional contractors for the work. This also allows for the work to progress as a continual operation without undue delays.

Our normal construction is for a reinforced concrete roof with an in-situ glass-fibre waterproof finish. We believe this is the best method of construction, as it combines strength and long term durability with very low maintenance. In order to produce an attractive finish on the ceiling or soffit of the slab we use high quality shuttering and stone powder so that it matches the adjacent stone. Down lighters or alternative lighting can be cast in. The fibreglass roof system is bonded to the reinforced concrete roof structure, thus producing an extremely robust seamless finish, which has an excellent service life, and is very easy to maintain.

Below are some examples of Porticos we have worked on - click an image to enlarge
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