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Water Features

Proper design and construction is essential to the long term success of a water feature. There are thousands of water features around the country that lay disused because of a lack of attention to detail during construction, some of these have even failed within the first six months.

With a background of working on large commercial water features with some of the leading water consultants and designers we have been able to adapt this knowledge to smaller domestic scheme, to provide reliable low maintenance features at a competitive price.

The reflection of light on water is highly evocative and well designed lighting can transform a water feature into a magical display.

Nothing is more unattractive than stagnant murky water. By ensuring the correct surface to water ratio of the pond and/or the use of suitable filtration it is possible to construct a water feature that is pleasing all year round with a minimum of maintenance.

Jets and waterfalls
We are able to construct water features with jets from 150mm to 10m high, together with  natural waterfalls and pools.

Below are some examples of Water Features we have worked on - click an image to enlarge
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